Getting better?

So far we have considered Honda Cadet as the ideal starter class in four-wheeled motorsport, and that it certainly is. But of course it needn't end there. After some while of driving experience (usually referred to as seat time) and a better understanding of the mechanics of chassis set-up and tyre pressure settings, you might be getting quite good at this driving lark, so what next? Well you can quite easily progress from the club level and racing at your local circuit, to travelling around the country with a major championship. There are currently National-Level Championships and soon the Honda Cadet will have British Championship status. These titles carry some considerable prestige and would be useful additions to the CV of any driver looking to move forward with a view to a future career in motorsport. This might also be the time to consider working with a professionally-run team, to tie in your seat knowledge with their preparation expertise. 

You might be surprised to note that F1 new boys Lando Norris, George Russell and Alex Albon all had their times of driving Hondas. Touring car champ Tom Ingram and GT4 champ Jack Mitchell are just two more of the many top drivers of today who started their careers in the humble Honda.