Where to buy?

More and more people do their shopping online now, and kart racers are no exception!

Of course, you may need some spare parts on race day, so most kart circuits will have a shop on site for those last minute items. Many will also have engines, rolling chassis and complete new and secondhand karts for sale, and the chances are they will know the history of them, so better to buy from them than take your chance with an online seller you have never met. You’ll find the staff knowledgeable and willing to guide you in the right direction, or just to have a chat about your choices.

A dedicated kart shop will have knowledgeable staff and most likely sell branded goods; you might be less sure of getting the correct component to fit your kart when buying from a general site, and relying on a written description.

Similarly, if contemplating buying a complete kart or rolling chassis (a kart less engines etc) then it really is best to go to a shop or visit one at circuit, and see the kart in person. It might even be possible to see the kart running.

It’s actually quite a wise move to visit one or two kart circuits before investing in your first kart. You’ll find the racing folk generally helpful and ready to chat and offer advice, and you can visit the shops at the same time. You might even see a kart offered for sale that is taking part in a race that day.