Who can help with your Honda Cadet?

Race teams

Anyone starting in Karting can find the whole process a little daunting. The paperwork, the formalities, the mechanics, the processes. There’s a certain amount of technical detail, camber and castor settings, tyre pressures. Even if you have some of this mechanical knowledge, perhaps you have no facility for storing or transporting you kart, or perhaps not the time to attend to all those essential pre and post-race maintenance rituals.

This is where becoming involved in a team can help you. If you know little or nothing, they can offer you the services of a weekend mechanic and advisor; for your youngster, out of race testing with a driver coach to help the young driver gradually understand the rudiments of circuit driving. You can rent a little space in the team's awning for the race event, and a mechanic if you wish to fettle your kart over the race day or weekend. You can even get the team to transport your kart from circuit to circuit, with storage in between and a full maintenance and preparation schedule. Then all you need to do is arrive at the circuit with your driver and their clothing.

You will find teams are always prepared to spend time talking to you and will design a package to suit your particular circumstances.


Below is information about some of the teams that regularly compete in Honda Cadet races.




Contact Paul Janes              07951 831236

D K Racing



Contact Scott Malvern          07939 062351




Contact Ashley Whitcroft      07789 932134

Project 1



Contact Gerard Cox             07710 103008

Cutting Edge Racing


Contact Steve Cutting         07974 407701

Silver Fox Racing



Contact - Colin Lipscomb   07817 449617