Who to choose

The top racers require the best engines. At club level, some circuits operate “Clubman” class, where the engines are not so elaborately prepared, but to a given standard. These are sold at a fixed price and can be bought by another competitor at a fixed price. This in turn prevents club racers spending too much on their engines. At the top level it is probably best to get one of these major preparers to source you the best engines they can, where outright performance is required. This performance, of course, comes at a premium.

The following engine preparers all have a long-running association with the Honda Cadet class, and will sell you a Clubman or Full Race engine, to the agreed regulations. They will also service and maintain your engines, if you so desire.

Your choice of engine supplier can be down to personal preference, professional reputation, another's recommendation or simply location. They would all be willing to spend time discussing your needs with you, or offering their best advice. All offer new engines, servicing and repair, and most will be able to source a used unit, if that is your preference. They will all supply engines that comply to full-race MSA specification, Cadet Clubman class or, in certain instances, specifications for independent racing and other applications. 



Dartford Karting. Located on the M25 at Dartford in Kent. 

Contact:      Matt Charters

Telephone:  01322 222645

e-mail:         sales@kartstore.co.uk

Website:      www.kartstore.co.uk

Prokart Engineering. Located at Fareham in Hampshire

Contact:      Jeff Johnson

Telephone:  01329 289783

e-mail:         Jeff@prokart.co.uk

website:      www.prokart.co.uk

RPM. Located at Burton on Trent, Staffs

Contact:      Roger Pitchford

Telephone:  01543 473548

e-mail:         roger@rpmpower.co.uk

website:      www.rpmpower.co.uk/

GX tuning. Located at Hitchin, Herts.

Contact:      Dan Papworth

Telephone:  07583 153931

e-mail:         gx200tuningstoreuk@hotmail.co.uk

website:       www.gxtuningstoreuk.com